*** Freezing fresh cows milk ***

standard, May 28, 2:13am
Does anyone do this to drink later or to feed lambs when the orphans arrive?
Safe to do?
Thanks for any help

grannypam, May 28, 2:14am
werent the replies in farming any good. .

cookessentials, May 28, 2:15am
Yes, it freezes perfectly well. I tend to freeze it in the plastic container rather than the cardboard one as it swells slightly as it freezes. it goes a yellow colour when frozen and I take it out and stand it in the sink to thaw when we go to bed so it is ready to go the next day.

grannypam, Jun 13, 10:41am
We are now buying milk as the cows are dry. . I get the 2 for $whatever deals and as we dont use much milk I just freeze the spare bottle. .

it does look a bit "funny" when frozen but once thawed it goes back to white. .

and I have reared more than a few lambs on it . .

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