Slow Cooker Jam

karltong, May 17, 8:51am
Hi. Am looking for any jam recipes suitable for making in a small-med size slow cooker. I would love to start making my own jam, but can't face the thought of long hours stirring an enormous vat (as my mother use to do), & sadly my breadmaker has no jam setting! Cheers.

harrislucinda, May 17, 9:34am
notsureifa slowcookerwillworkasfruithastobeboilingsowhen sugarisaddeditmeltsnoneedforlongtimestirringcanmakejaminlessthan 20minandin abreadmakeritryedhope less

yduj, May 17, 11:57am
Maybe google "microwave jam" recipes that can be made in the microwave, such as the following shtml

karltong, May 17, 4:42pm
Thanks for the suggestion- I'll go the microwave way! :-)

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