Edmonds Pastry

lulu239, May 13, 6:48am
I was making pies this evening using the Pie Maker and found to my disgust that Edmonds have reduced the size of their pastry sheets. I happened to have a sheet from an older packet so I measured them. Old sheet 24cm x 22. 7cm. The new one is 23. 2cm x 21cm. It is not large enough to get 2 pies from a sheet. I made the second two (I used the older sheet first) and overlapped the cutout. One of the pies spilled out while cooking.
The bread I have is only large enough for the tops. If I only cut two bottoms from one sheet then I have pastry left over which means if I want to be thrifty, haul out the rolling pin and patch the bits together. I guess I'll sort it out in some way. Grrr

juliewn, Apr 27, 7:18pm
Hi Lulu. . it doesn't seem to be ending does it, the range of food items that are being changed in some way, whether by size, ingredient types, etc. . not a lot of respect for loyal customers. .

I've found that once pastry squares are thawed fully, they can be dusted with a little flour, beneath and on top, then rolled out to be a little bigger. . which then fits the pie dish I use. . hopefully the pastry squares are thick enough still to do this with, and it might help to fit your pie maker. . good luck. .

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