Large Cans of fruit salad

wishbone66, Aug 12, 3:20am
Where in Hawkes Bay can the very large catering size cans of fruit salad be purchased. It's just for a one off function.

245sam, Aug 12, 4:09am
wishbone66, I'm sure that I have seen the big A10 cans at one of our (Chch)Countdowns, on the odd occasion - be worth asking them IMO. Maybe even ask at Pak n Save - depending on how obliging either/both are, they may be able to get them in for you. Alternatively do you have anywhere like Moore Wilsons, Gilmores, etc.?

Realistically though although it means a lot more can-opening, you may find it just as cheap to buy the equivalent in the normal 450g or 820g (or thereabouts) cans, and add include some interesting additions such as apricots, guavas, etc. :-))

buffy37, Aug 12, 5:58am
I use to buy them at Pak n Save but that was a while ago. Phn them and see if they have them.

wishbone66, Aug 12, 7:40am
Thanks 245sam and buffy37. Yes I have seen them in the past but on recent visits this week to all local supermarkets, they are not on the shelves here in Hastings. However, purchasing the 820gram tins might be my only option and add to them which I usually do anyway with oranges from our tree and other fruit. I just wanted to save a bit of extra work lol.

pickles7, Aug 13, 3:21am
Starfoods on Dunlop rd., Napier. It is open to the public.
They have a web site if you want to have a little look.

duckmoon, Aug 13, 3:44am
In Wellington, I would go to Moore Wilson or Toops.

What wholesalers do you have in the Bay

wishbone66, Aug 14, 12:04am
Thanks everyone, but pickles7 I found out at the weekend I can go to Starfoods in Napier - apparently an amazing place with good prices.

pickles7, Jan 6, 5:47pm
I am sure that the Napier one is on Dunlop street. Well worth a look in.

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