Bacon & egg pie

greenforde, Dec 17, 10:14pm
I actually make a ham and egg pie quite large do you think I could freeze it for a few days. Thanks

kiwitrish, Dec 17, 10:52pm
No problem. I always make a big one and cut in half. Eat one half and freeze the other. Defrosts well.

greenforde, Dec 17, 10:53pm
Oh great kiwiktrish do you cook it first.

myrns, Dec 17, 11:05pm
No don't freeze anything with ham. If it was bacon then ok but pie needs to be cooked before freezing.

greenforde, Dec 17, 11:47pm
Thanks for that I will use bacon.

gshj, Dec 18, 12:37am
Why not? I've frozen ham things plenty of times.

nauru, Nov 19, 8:40am
I use ham and freeze half of what I make, it's fine IMO.

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