Garlic sauce recipe

spoon27, May 26, 3:04am
looking for a good garlic sauce recipe can anyone help

samanya, May 26, 3:09am
Do you mean to make as a preserve or to dress a meal?
I've got a garlic & apple sauce recipe that I use as a preserve.

spoon27, May 26, 3:13am
as preserve i did have one but lost it

samanya, May 26, 3:56am
I found another while I was looking for the apple/garlic sauce recipe . hopefully one of them is the one you are after. Both are from Digby Laws 'Pickle & Chutney Cookbook'.
The first one is like an extremely potent Worcestershire sauce, apparently
Garlic Sauce . I haven't tried it.
1 large onion150g Garlic
2 tbs whole cloves
1.5 tspns ground ginger
1 tbs salt
250 g brown sugar
1kg treacle
5 cups malt vinegar
0.5 cup Worcestershire sauce
Mince the peeled onion & the unpeeled garlic, combine with the remainingigredients, except for the W sauce & let stand overnight.
Next day bring the mixture slowly to the boil & cook gently, uncovered for 1 hour stirring continuously (that could be tiresome)
Rub the sauce through a sieve & then add the W sauce, pour into hot clean bottles & seal.

samanya, May 26, 4:04am
Apple & Garlic Ketchup.
I've found that the bottle needs a good shake before using.
750 g apples
250 g garlic
1.5 litres Malt vinegar
piece root ginger bruised
3 chillis split
2 tbsp whole cloves
4 tspns salt
4 tbspn peppercorns
500 g treacle
Coarsely chop the apples, cores skin etc. Do not peel the garlic but separate the cloves.
Combine the ingredients except the treacle, in a large saucepan & boil very gently for 1 hour, until the apples have pulped & the garlic is very tender. Rub through a strainer & return sauce to the cleaned saucepan. Add the treacle & bring to the boil , then boil for 5 mins.
Pour into hot clean bottles & seal. this should be kept for several months before using.
Hope that helps.

spoon27, May 26, 4:20am
thanks I'll try them

samanya, May 26, 5:12am
No probs . Were either of them the one you lost?
The second one is not a thick sauce & as I said, it does tend to separate on standing, but that's no biggie.
Hope it goes well & hope you like them.

cleggyboy, May 26, 10:29pm
I have made this one, yep it is great, BUT you need to use NZ garlic that Asian stuff is rubbish.

samanya, Sep 15, 1:14am
That's good to know.
I grow my own garlic & never enough! Last season I grew about 90 cloves . & I've used a huge amount already. It's my mission to grow huge fat cloves, consistently.

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