Buying baking tools from overseas.

blondinie, Jun 30, 10:23am
places like aliexpress etc:. does anyone buy these? The say they are food safe plastic (or silicone), and they seem much the same as what you would get in the $2 type shops, but are they actually safe to use? I was thinking of buying a plastic rolling pin, some silicone fondant moulds and plastic cookie cutters etc. Probably not anything that would be going in a hot oven. I'm unsure if they will be food safe or not? Anyone else use items bought from aliexpress etc:? Thanks

sellontrademe, Jul 1, 5:18am
I buy them all the time, I love to try new things in the kitchen and don't want to pay the earth for equipment if I don't fancy repeating the recipe. I have found anything stainless to be of very good quality but the plastic stuff fairly fragile, for what they cost though its well worth doing.

morticia, Jul 1, 5:28am
That's exactly where many cheap end suppliers like Dollar/Coinsave shops get their goods, you just pay for the convenience of not waiting on the mail.

uli, Jul 1, 5:31am
I would never cook or bake in plastic or silicone myself. Maybe I am too much of a scientist :)
I also do not use non-stick coated frypans, cookie sheets or bread tins, slow cookers or rice cookers.

I guess you have to inform yourself what all that stuff can do to your health and I personally would certainly not listen to anyone on a public message board and then take a decision about my and my families health.

Good luck!

PS it is easy to buy from aliexpress - just remember there is no-one to help you if the item is faulty or need repairs. Better to shop locally I think.

blondinie, Jul 1, 5:37am
Great thanks, one of the items I bought ,had a card in the package, it says, Note! Many sellers on Aliexpress use fake material to copy WALFOS products recently.The fake material is toxic and bad for our health, cant touch food directly.
Up until then Iv'e been happily buying things, but the card made me wonder, but I also think they would be the same as what you would buy in the dollar/coinsave type store. I don't buy any items that need to be put in the oven, just a few fondant cookie stamps and silicone fondant moulds.

buzzy110, Jul 2, 12:11am
OP. Is there something that you can only get from the net or is it that you quite like the idea of buying from the net?

Research has revealed that women are quite tactile and like to handle good pre-purchase. I certainly feel that way about kitchen utensils. This is why I stick to NZ retailers - Stevens, Farmers, Milly's, Southern Hospitality, French Market (slowly going out of business now), OP shops, Specialty cooking shops, and other places. I very rarely buy from the Warehouse because the tactile experience tells me that a lot of their bakeware and cooking pots and pans is of very low quality.

davidt4, Jul 2, 12:14am
I have bought pans and tea towels through Fishpond and the quality and authenticity were fine. The delivery can be pretty slow - three or four weeks. Their replacement policy seems to work - I was sent the wrong colour of tea towels and the on-line replacement process worked perfectly.

lythande1, Jul 2, 3:59am
Well I have shopped at Ali express but baking things? Not really worth it, Warehouse is fine for those. Silicon? The only thing I have like that is a spatula. I prefer pyrex, steel, cast iron and such for cooking food in.

blondinie, Jul 2, 5:52am
no nothing in particular, just small cookie cutters, fondant cutters, that kind of thing for cake decorating,( not pots or baking tins) They are cheap on Aliexpress, and often shipping is free. My only concern was that they are of a safe material for food use. They do state that they are food safe, so i'm sure they will be fine. Thanks

lenart, Jul 6, 5:31am
I bought almost everything for baking and cooking from Japanese online shops. Even with the shipping courier cost it was cheaper than buying locally, much better quality and excellent customer services. The Japanese have amazing details and descriptions of goods and lots of feedbacks from customers.
I don’t think I will buy from China, because of the quality manly. I would rather go to local shop. Although I haven’t done any shopping locally for quite a while :)

bruceakld, Jul 14, 11:37pm
What websites do you buy from?

lenart, Jul 26, 10:46am
I was manly buying from various different shops that are all based on Rakuten (it is a platform for retailers) and some things I bought from and from I often used a forwarding address for some purchases, but some shops can ship directly. I was buying during promotions and the postage was cheap, or completely free. A few years ago there wasn’t an English version of Rakuten I was browsing and buying on Japanese Rakuten marketplace using online translator. Rakuten is quite generous with points, rewards and shipping campaigns :)

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