Has anyone bought a pizza maker

korbo, Dec 10, 6:24am
I saw one in the spotlight cat, and wondered how effective it could be. I normally make them in the oven, but dont have much success with the base.

unknowndisorder, Dec 10, 8:47am
We have a Pizza Maker one, had it just over two years, use it most weeks, but buy the Wholemeal bases from PnS, as that way DH has a night a week he cooks dinner.

Most of our closer friends now also have one.

Takes five minutes to heat up, then 5-6 minutes to cook. We only eat crispy base.

If it craps out, we will be buying another one. (I got into a world of sh*t when I bought it, as we "have an oven" but once he worked out he could cook pizza and give me a night off, he recommends it lol)

korbo, Dec 10, 9:27am
cool, sounds good, is it the one from spotlight, that revolves around. not aware of other ones, only the ones you put on the BBQ

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