Need advice, cellophane lid on jam didnt seal

sunny119, Jan 10, 4:12am
I made some jam this morning, popped the cellophane lid and rubber band on, then had to go to work. I came home to find they didnt end up sealing. and now have cooled. Can you heat the jars and jam again and put a new cellophane top on?

rainrain1, Jan 10, 4:53am
Just put in in a pottle with a good lid and freeze it. it doesn't freeze solid, so you can scoop out what you want and put it back in the freezer for another time. But yes, you can reseal with a wet cellophane cover.

wheelz, Jan 10, 5:57am
Use wax:
To seal jars the old-fashioned way with paraffin wax (available from chemists):
Melt wax slowly in a small saucepan over low heat. It is important not to overheat the wax or it will shrink on cooling, giving an imperfect seal.
Pour a thin layer over the top of the cooled preserve, about 2mm thick, just enough to cover the surface. Leave until almost set, then pour another thin layer on top of the first layer.
Insert small pieces of string in the wax just before it sets to make it easier to remove wax.

sunny119, Jan 10, 6:57am
Great, thanks for that. Can someone please advise, has it lost the seal if it isnt sucked down? Theres a jar that the cellophane is wrinkley, one that has sucked the cellophane down and the others are tight across the jar.

korban, Jan 10, 7:45am
Freezing jam is brilliant, I put mine in an ice cream container then take it out by the scoopful. Keeps for a long time in freezer.

benthecat, Jan 10, 8:08am
Why bother? The preserving agent in Jam is Sugar, and there is usually plenty of it. I don't bother with seals anymore, just use screw top jars. have never had a problem reusing them. only don't do it for pickles as the acid in the pickle will rust jar lids if reusing them when the rubbery seal is worn.

sunny119, Jan 10, 5:40pm
Yes I agree, but i have made the jams and pickles for an A ana P show, and the rules state they must have a cellophane lid. I am a bit of a newby at the whole jam/preserves thing. Thought it would be good to enter, theres got to be the entries to keep thes things going :)
If i was making it for us, I would def go with the screw to lids.

snapperheadrkp, Jan 10, 7:44pm
I thought you had to wet the cellophane?

cgvl, Jan 10, 7:46pm
Sunny, I have had some that the seal hasn't sucked down. Those ones I use first and they are still fine to use. I see you are making them for an A & P show, the lids can get removed so they can check the jam, preserves. It happens not always but often.

cgvl, Jan 10, 7:49pm
yes you do, put cellophane into a saucer of hot water, take out and put over hot jar. I put jams etc into hot jars while mixture is also hot, then seal immediately. As they cool the cellophane generally gets sucked down into the jar slightly but not always. The hot water stretches the cellophane and as it cools it shrinks hence the popping sound that can be heard.

kaddiew, Jan 10, 9:47pm
Yes, what cgvl said

Tips from the cellophane cover maker's website:

Use a small saucer with a drop of cold water.
Glide cellophane over the top of the water, being careful to wet only the one side.
Without stretching, place cellophane over mouth of a clean/dry jar - Wet side up.
Place rubber band on to secure and allow to cool.
NOTE - Cellophane will crinkle, but will become firm once dry.

rainrain1, Nov 4, 9:56pm
I always stretch it over a bit to smooth out the wrinkles using two hands, before putting rubber band on.

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