Has anyone frozen humus just want to know if I can

slimgym, Jul 8, 12:00am
no one in the house eats it. I only make 1/2 tin of chickpeas and still cant get through it

malcovy, Jul 8, 12:51am
Yes I have frozen the homemade hummus with great success.

blands70, Jul 13, 3:32am
It's fine in the fridge for a few days - surely you can eat a tiny quantity like that?

nauru, Jul 13, 7:21am
Hummus freezes well. I always make a double batch and freeze in small portions for later use. Sometimes adding one of the following, roasted pumpkin, kumara, beetroot or capsicum (purred) to a batch once thawed, I find that it rings the changes that way.

lynja, Jul 31, 3:14am
I freeze home made hummus, and also if I am using the pressure cooker to cook a large batch of chickpeas, I freeze the cooked chickpeas to make up hummus when I have time.

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