Frozen avacados

dragonlady65, Sep 3, 8:26pm
hi guys I have a bag of frozen avacado halves in the freezer that need using. what can i make with them that i can refreeze. TIA

fifie, Sep 3, 11:30pm
Have a look at nz some recipes there you might like to make and freeze. Like cake,brownies etc.

cottagerose, Sep 4, 7:07am
I've never tried to freeze avocados. Do they go brown?

crazynana, Sep 4, 8:59am
I have frozen avocados but I mashed them a half at a time and put them in ziplock bags and flattened the bag so when I took it out of the freezer it thawed in a few minutes. It didn't go brown but may have discoloured very slightly. still tasted good though. I think you can make guacamole and freeze it because you can buy it frozen.

tjman, Dec 29, 4:45pm
Put them in savoury muffins/ scones, with sundried toms etc.
Make a quiche and re freeze. Make some avocado bread. make some avocado icecream Sounds different but I have made it and it's GOOD.

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