Buttercream Icing

I have just made some butter biscuits and put buttercream icing on top and in between the biscuits. I was going to send some to my parents in Dunedin but have just read (on the internet) that the icing may not last (I'm in Ashburton). It says maybe only 3-4 days - is this correct please? Thank you.

Chef_lyndunc, Jun 2, 5:13 am

Pretty well right - and remember, they won't be even on their way to Dunners until Tuesday, being QB Weekend.

The type of biscuit for sending is probably better to be un-iced, or iced with plain glace or royal icing (no butter). IMHO, anyway.

Chef_autumnwinds, Jun 2, 7:09 am

Thank you, yes, the long weekend complicates things. Just trying things out at the moment. Maybe royal icing is the go. Or just ordinary icing but don't use butter, just icing sugar and water and flavour.

Chef_lyndunc, Jun 2, 7:19 am

Your "just ordinary icing, no butter" is glace icing, that's what I meant.

And I'm sure your parents will love the thought and effort, however you finish the biscuits.

Chef_autumnwinds, Jun 2, 8:07 am

What did they use to use in the 60's 70's etc? I remember Mum would do baking with icing and it would stay in the tins for at least a week as it was rationed out.

Chef_lyndunc, Jun 2, 8:08 am

Glace icing.

Chef_olwen, Jun 2, 8:31 am

Ah, thank you, I hadn't heard the name glace, will make more sense to do that next time. And yes I am hoping they will appreciate the biscuits as they are in a rest home and Dad always liked home baking. In saying that tho, they r very well looked after.

Chef_lyndunc, Jun 2, 8:47 am

Next question please - will glace icing be okay for piping or is it more just a spreading type?

Chef_lyndunc, Jun 2, 9:17 pm

Buttercream icing is butter and sugar - will last for at least a week especially in this cold. You cant pipe water icing (glace icing)

Chef_waswoods, Sep 6, 10:16 am