Electric pizza oven

vomo2, Dec 27, 7:25am
Santa gave us a Breville pizza machine for Christmas. Its fantastic. Something we would never have bought for ourselves though but its amazingly easy to use.
Yesterday i bought extra thin pizza bases at Countdown and made a small mix of mayonaise and tomato paste. After spreading that on the base things like capsicum, spinach, feta, onion salami and mozzarella were added. The herbs sprinkled on were majoram and oregano. The pizza was as good if not better than a bought one.

unknowndisorder, Nov 11, 2:05am
Vomo,not sure about your Countdown,or how many pizzas you make, but we found the Wholemeal ones nicer/crisper than the white ones (our Countdown only sells the white ones). The wm ones are packs of two (not three as per the others).

I got into trouble buying our pizza oven, but we would not be without it. It means a night off cooking for me, as DH knows how to make pizza lol :)

ENjoy playing :) (and awesome Santa) lol

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