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mkr_ahearn, Jan 31, 6:27pm
We did then and we did last night. Lots of butter, pepper and salt on freshly picked corn, uncomplicated and delicious.

blueviking, Jan 31, 6:35pm
I grewup with friends that grew sweetcorn on a farm.Ate it as a main meal and side dish. Raw from the field if you felt a bit peckish during the day. Still have it as a main meal on it's own and a side dish when I do a BBQ. Cooked in the husk on the bbq, I don't put anything on it. Normally sweet enough. Wife prefers it steamed in a pot, so do it both ways.

frances1266, Jan 31, 8:01pm
This thread has jogged my memory about a way I used to eat corn on the cob. I wrote the recipe down but who knows where! I will look for it b ut it was basically a Thai sort of sauce with oil (I used olive!) chilli, heaps of fresh coriander, chilli, garlic. It was really a match made in heaven. The sau ce re ipe is probably online but will look it up or someone else may have made it at some stage.

snapperheadrkp, Jan 31, 8:15pm
uli - How much "free" work do you expect out of a wwoofer fueled continuously on a couple of corn cobs and a bit of salad? At 86 calories per 100 grams of corn a person would probably burn up at least a corn cob per hour. Are wwoffers mostly vegetarians? What about some protein? Do your wwoffers get Corn for breakfast and lunch as well?

uli, Feb 1, 11:15pm

skydancing, Feb 2, 1:21am
HUSKS that was the word I was looking for. How could I forget that?

samanya, Feb 2, 5:35am
Most of us knew exactly what you meant.

ruby2shoes, Feb 2, 5:56am
if you've got woofers doing physical work, and young adults at that, they'll want more than corn on the cob and salad. Chuck some meat on the barby as well. Friends of mine New Plymouth way have had woofers for years. they have restrictions on whom they take. They recently had a couple that gave them a bad experience, so won't bother for the rest of the season. Do you give feedback on the site (if that's where you got them from)?

samanya, Feb 2, 6:29am
I saw some bad feedback on a woofers site . someone we might even know on here.

uli, Feb 2, 8:51am
You can only see feedback on "a wwoofers site" if you are a member of wwoof. If you are not a member you cannot see anything :)

I have excellent feedback - so I am not worried about your slander on here - just yet.

Do think carefully though what you want to bring from other websites into the TM message board . you are treading on ice here.

grannypam, Feb 2, 9:08am
ouch !

eastie3, Feb 2, 9:26am

You forgot the LOL, I've added it for you

aglarana, Feb 2, 10:13am
Personally, it depends on the time of day and whether we are eating it raw or cooked. If it's just a quick snack then it's raw and on it's own. Lunch or afternoon tea is cooked and lots of butter, usually on it's own. Dinner is either cooked or bbq'ed as a side with salads and bbq.

samanya, Feb 3, 12:53am
Is that so?
It's not always 'all about you'!

kay141, Feb 3, 1:00am
Like all feedback sites, I have my doubts about the accuracy of entries. I was told by some wwoofers that giving bad feedback on a host could and, often, did result in them being blacklisted.

That was a few years ago and I don't know how true it was but it was, at that time, believed to be the truth. Also, they believed that some hosts gave bad feedback based on race and, particularly, religion.

samanya, Feb 3, 6:13am
Yeah, you do have to wonder about accuracy on a lot of sites.

kay141, Feb 3, 6:21am
it the same as taking restaurant reviews with a grain of salt. An acquaintance and I went to one, I thought the meal and service was great, she was very rude, moaned about everything, the reviews matched out thoughts and I haven't been out with her for a meal since then.

geedubu, Feb 3, 6:26am
Absolutely right, this is my 21st century discovery. Only extra thing I do: cut the furry end off, soak the cob in cold water for a bit (washes off any dirt as well) & bung in the microwave for 3 - 3 & a half minutes.

Waay, way better than boiling.

samanya, Feb 3, 7:10am
I do mine in the microwave, too. Quick, nourishing & way better than take aways, when you can't be faffed cooking, huh?

pickles7, Feb 3, 7:49am

The only way to cook the corn in our house. I peel the husk back and cut it in half to give a nice handle. The silks still come away nicely.

quarterpasttwo, Feb 3, 9:03am
make it into soup then its a meal , cut off kernels then add a tin of coconut cream some chill sauce seasoning herbs and cook till done , can blend some for a better texture :) maby serve with toast

uli, Feb 4, 4:53am
Not quite sure if you have any idea what wwoofing means snapperheadrkp?

I guess you have no clue about wwoofing from your question, however to answer your question we feed our wwoofers 5 meals a day - so I am sure they will have plenty of calories and protein to learn what we teach them.

I guess you need to have to educate yourself about what wwoofing and what "free work" means. Wwoofing has nothing to do with free work, however more and more people abuse the wwoofing system doing just that. We take wwoofers since several decades and we surely do it the old fashioned way and not abusing them as lots of others do.

This is the last post from me about wwoofers on this thread and I am amazed that bev00 has bumped it up at all.

ruby19, Feb 4, 7:47am
Uli we bbq our corn cobs, take our silks add butter s&p wrap in foil and place on weber

fifie, Feb 4, 8:36am
Smear corn with garlic and herb butterm wrap in tin foil cook in oven or bbq 30 mins. Serve as a veg with chops, steak etc.

dibble35, Feb 4, 9:14am
Now that garlic and herb butter sounds pretty good. I've got my next lot of corn coming on in the garden, might just have to try that!

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