Moroccan Jewish recipe

dreamers, Jul 23, 3:03pm
Had the most delicious dinner in a Jewish garden bar in Budapest recently and it said it was one of Moroccan Jews favourites.It was beef cheeks with mint dates,cinnamon,tomato,honey and coriander served over couscous.Have searched the Internet for recipes containing those ingredients but nothing comes up .Will definitely try and copy it sometime.

ruby19, Jul 24, 6:00am
What about this, but changing the meat?

timturtle, Jul 24, 8:09am
I like the sound of that recipe, don't suppose you remember the name of the place that you had it ? They may have a web site or email address, even google maps may give you a name if you know the location. If you do find the recipe please post it. Good luck

katalin2, Jul 24, 9:11am
Could it be this? I am familiar with Budapest restaurants and if you remember the name or address I have friends who could check it out.

Fragrant Moroccan Beef, Date, Honey and Prune Tagine - Crock Pot from

dreamers, Jul 24, 5:37pm
I have a picture of it and the ingredients but not sure how to post a photo.

dreamers, Jul 24, 5:45pm
It was Ricsi's Jewish street food in Dob U .We were there a couple of weeks ago and it is still memorable.

katalin2, Jul 25, 1:20am
Had a look at their web site it looks good! I saw a photo captioned that translates to Memories of Marrakesh so presume it is the one you enjoyed dreamers. Hungarians interchange beef cheeks with any long cooking cut of beef. Ricsi's say they cook their meat overnight- so presume they use a slow cooker or tagine, my guess is slow cooker for the quantities they make. I also had a look in a cookbook I bought in Morocco a few years back but nothing similar. The 2 links I have given you sound very similar so might be worth trying! Let us know how you get on!

dreamers, Jul 25, 9:59am
Thanks Katalin.Will definitely play around with the recipe when I get back to NZ.

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