Little meringues - how long to cook?

flier3, Dec 21, 2:54am
they are about 1cm or less in diameter, of the normal meringue recipe. I have a new oven and the first batch are quite brown - hesitating to do a second batch. Any recommendations for the cooking time at 120C? And how do I tell when they are cooked. Feeling all confused at present. Many thanks.

edlin, Dec 21, 3:07am
My recipe says 1-1.5 hours at 120 but not to let them go brown. Mine are about 4-5 cm across and I cooked them for 1 hour 15 mins. They are not brown but are soft on the bottom. I put them straight onto a greased tray. Do other people use baking paper? It is hard to decide when they are cooked. Perhaps I should have given them another 15 mins. They won't go to waste. Fine for Eton Mess type desserts

cheekypa, Dec 21, 7:45am
I make hundreds of mini meringue kisses at work.
Generally cook at 100deg for about 1.5 hours

lilyfield, Dec 21, 8:52am
I cook mine for several days on top of hot water cylinder on baking paper. No fails ever, snowy white

edlin, Nov 16, 12:54am
I went ahead and made another batch yesterday and they are the best I have ever made. This time I put them on a baking paper covered tray,120 deg for 1 hour 20 mins. I even used eggs straight from the fridge which I thought was a nono

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