Strawberry shortcake recipe

sarahb5, Dec 9, 2:24am
Does anyone have a tried and tested recipe for this? Our local PYO strawberries are delicious this year because of all the sun they’ve had so I’m thinking of including this on my Christmas menu - my mum used to make it but none of the recipes I’ve found online seem to match hers which used a fairly crisp but buttery cake.

mica3, Dec 9, 4:49am
Not near my recipe books but I use the recipe in the Australian Women's Weekly cooking class cookbook. An oldie but goodie recipe book.
Google should find the recipe for you

sarahb5, Dec 9, 5:01am
Thanks - will give it a try

unknowndisorder, Dec 9, 5:32am sorry about putting username on it lol

This is from AWW Steps to better cooking, so hopefully the same one mentioned :)

unknowndisorder, Dec 11, 8:03pm
After making it yesterday, I would double the base. Mine came out great, but didn't rise, I think the oven was a bit hot, and the eggs too cold. Ah well, tasted good, which is the main thing.

I also recall making it years ago, but was disappointed as was not what I had wanted to make lol

sarahb5, Dec 11, 8:38pm
Mum's cake "base" was always quite flat and definitely crisper than a standard sponge-type cake

unknowndisorder, Nov 22, 1:11pm
Base is like butter biscuits.