Tararua biscuit recipe please

heatherfeather, Oct 13, 5:27am
How do you make tararua biscuits?

awoftam, Oct 13, 5:30am
here are some options:


I have never heard of them. you'll need good teeth lol

lilyfield, Oct 13, 6:14am
They are my favourites for multi day tramps

macandrosie, Sep 1, 7:00pm
this is my recipe it's nice.
Tararua Biscuits

250 gr butter
1½ cups brown sugar
½ tin condensed milk
2 cups flour
2 cups rolled oats
½ cup coconut
2 tsp bp
1 cup currants
Mix together dry ingredients. Melt butter, sugar & cond milk & add to the dry mix. Add fruit. Place onto 2 trays lined with baking paper & roll out over the tray. Score through to form biscuit shape. Bake at 160°C for about 15 mins. Remove from oven cut right through then turn biscuits over on tray & bake for another 1-2 mins to harden. Cool. Nice buttered.

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