Sweet pea shoots . edible?

Hello My friend's garden has beautiful "sweet peas" in it, with tantalising fresh tendrils (shoots). I have been trying to find out whether they are edible as they look as though they would be lovely in a salad. I am cooking for a formal dinner next week and would love to use them but don't want to poison guests. I seem to be getting conflicting advice via google - does anyone know FOR SURE? TIA :)

Chef_unicstudent, Mar 13, 9:21 am

From what I see when googling, shoots of sweet peas NOT edible

Chef_jane8, Mar 13, 6:52 pm

Not edible! You could try garden pea tendrils which look very simular. There are loads of edible flowers ~ here is a list for you ~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_edible_flowers

Dont eat sweetpeas :)

Chef_holly-rocks, Mar 13, 7:26 pm

email Kings seeds they would know.

Chef_niffer13, Dec 28, 3:43 pm