Any ideas what I can make with unsweetened yoghurt

sarahb5, Apr 21, 10:56am
It is regular yoghurt - seems "irregular" to me to have sweetened yoghurt

sarahb5, Apr 21, 10:58am
Why cut and paste one thread into another? Very confusing and hard to read - just bump the earlier thread if you think we need it

bev00, Aug 8, 11:08am

punkinthefirst, Aug 9, 5:51am
Marinade chicken pieces in a mixture of spices, yoghurt, garlic and ginger. Bake in the oven in a casserole dish and serve with veges or a salad, and potatoes baked in their jackets, or rice. Yum!
Lamb pieces are great done the same way.

wildflower, Aug 9, 7:16am
Smoothies and definitely use it for dressings etc, lots of variations there. I always use it rather than mayo etc.

trogedon, Aug 9, 11:02am
Throw it out. as with all cow PUS.

nisty, Aug 9, 11:06am
Mix something sweet into it & see if it tastes like regular yoghurt.

trogedon, Aug 9, 11:12am
Then give it the heave.

tazdevil38, Aug 9, 11:26am

Mmmm yum!

arielbooks, Aug 9, 10:40pm

wildflower, Aug 10, 3:28am
I did Tzatziki the other day with silverbeet, from a recipe on the Bite website, was sooo good! Used 1 cup Greek yoghurt.

lyl_guy, Aug 13, 2:08am
I mix plain yoghurt with tandoori paste and lemon juice, then marinate chicken pieces in it, and bake. SO good!

amanda_simonp, Aug 28, 12:17am
please. Bought some and can't remember what I bought it for TIA.

lilyfield, Aug 28, 12:20am
I would just eat it.

cookessentials, Aug 28, 12:22am
Lemon Yoghurt Cake
This recipe has been in the family for over 25 years it was given to my Mother a friend in Seattle hence the use of a "bundt" tin. Bundt tins are available for sale in our catalogue. The cake keeps extremely well and freezes beautifully. Just remember to grease tin well with butter and dust with flour,shaking off the excess before filling with mixture.
1 & 3/4 cups caster sugar
rind 2-3 lemons
2 eggs
1 cup sunflower oil
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup plain unsweetened yoghurt (not low fat)
2-3 tsp lemon juice
2 cups self raising flour
Beat eggs,oil,sugar and peel together in a large bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients in the order above. Butter and flour a 24cm bundt tin . Bake at 180C for thirty minutes. Test with a cake tester. Let cake rest only 5 minutes before turning out onto a cooling rack. Dust cold cake with sifted icing sugar.

cookessentials, Aug 28, 12:27am
You can do a yogurt masala which has 3-4 love's of garlic, chopped, 2.5cm of fresh ginger, chopped, 1tsp cumin seeds, pinch of nutmeg , 1 1/2 tsp salt , 3/4 cup yoghurt , 1 tsp peanut oil, 1 tbsp tomato sauce, 2 tsp lemon juice. Red food colouring is for that red tandoori colour but you don't have to use it. Just blend together and spread all over chicken , rub it in really well and refrigerate overnight

jynx66, Aug 28, 12:42am
Mango Lassi

For 2 smoothies:

Blend together ½ can drained mango slices, ½ cup plain
unsweetened low-fat yoghurt, ½ cup low-fat milk (or almond milk),
1 cup crushed ice, and 1 teaspoon honey.

Pour into glasses and enjoy.

245sam, Aug 28, 1:09am
Muffins - simply use yoghurt instead of the given milk quantity. I find that it is sometimes necessary to add a little milk as well to get the correct consistency e.g. as in this recipe:

3 cups plain flour (450g)
1 tbsp baking powder
3 tbsp cocoa
1½ cups brown sugar (360g)
½ cup each of dark chocolate dots and white chocolate dots – or chocolate buttons, quartered
120g butter, melted
1¼ cups milk or 1 cup natural unsweetened yoghurt + ½ cup milk
2 x 60g eggs, lightly beaten

Preheat the oven to 180°C and grease a 5cm muffin pan.
Sift the flour, cocoa and baking powder into a bowl. Add the brown sugar and dark and white chocolate dots. Mix, then add the melted butter, milk (or yoghurt and milk) and eggs and mix well. Three-quarters fill each of the muffin moulds.
Bake at 180°C for approximately 20 minutes. Allow to cool for 10 minutes in the tin before turning out.

Other suggestions -
Quick Onion Yoghurt Bread (recipe available at )

1 x 85g packet jelly crystals
250ml-300ml boiling water
1 cup (250ml) yoghurt

Dissolve the jelly crystals in boiling water and leave until beginning to set. Add the yoghurt and beat well until frothy. Pour into glasses or a serving bowl and refrigerate until set. Serve with fruit.

Hope that helps. :-))

buzzy110, Aug 28, 1:22am
Tip it all into a sieve lined with a paper towel or cheesecloth and place over a bowl. Put it back into the fridge and leave to drain. The whey will separate out into the bowl. The remaining yoghurt has now become a sort of cheese. You can add chives and other things to it to make it more tasty and eat it as a cheese. It has quite a bite but if you like that sort of thing it is really delicious.

They whey can be used in other cooking projects in place of milk.

tjman, Aug 28, 3:36am
Relpace milk with yogurt in any muffin recipe. Also make a Dip to go with lamb with yogurt mint sauce and a little honey. Nice with pita breads too and greek salad.

nauru, Aug 28, 5:09am
I do this and use the whey as part of the stock in soups or sauces etc. Also used it when making scones too

lynja, Aug 28, 8:29am
we like it in mashed potatoes in place of milk.
I can vouch for cookessentials lemon yoghurt cake it is delicious. I freeze left over plain yoghurt in cup portions and use it to make her recipe. It works beautifully.

amanda_simonp, Aug 28, 8:51am
appreciate all your replies, thanks so much, now to choose.

sarahb5, Sep 24, 5:03pm
This - i never buy sweetened yoghurt, just seems wrong to me.

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