Choc Brownie with Apple sauce

marcs, Jun 18, 4:55am
does anyone have the recipe please. I am trying to troll through the recipes but a bit hard to find.

awoftam, Jun 18, 5:06am
This one? There are tons of them if you google 'chocolate brownies with apple sauce'. Love the way some are called 'healthy' lol so misleading!

marcs, Jun 18, 5:17am
That's the one I think. I used to be on here long time ago.

awoftam, Jun 18, 5:19am
They will all be yum.

kaddiew, Jun 18, 5:40am
That's the one I've made several times, and it works out well.

245sam, Jun 18, 6:06am
This one marcs? From the former Trade Me Cooks.

"low fat fudge brownies.
pretty good I might add. For those who like a treat, but are cutting down on fat, you may want to give them a go: 1/2c plain flour, 3/4 c cocoa, 1/2c sr flour, 1 tsp bkg soda, 2 eggs, 1 1/4c caster sugar, 2 tsp vanilla, 2 T oil, 200gm vanilla fruche (yoghurt @ supermarket), 140ml apple puree (I used the Goulburn Valley tubs). Sift flours, bkg soda & cocoa into bowl. In another bowl mix together rest of ingredients till combined. Mix the wet mix into the dry & spread into greased tin. Bake for 30 mins @ 180°C. It will sink a bit in the centre as it cools.
posted by rkcroft"

Hope that's the one. :-))

marcs, Jun 18, 11:12am
I can try this one next. The other one was a bit flavourless. Thanks all.

juliewn, Jun 21, 11:30am
I've replaced the apple sauce/stewed apple with mashed banana, cooked and mashed peaches or plums and also with mashed pumpkin.

I add a cup or so of my frozen blackberries to the mix just before baking. the result is tangy berries with the chocolatey brownie. Delicious!

pickles7, May 10, 9:47am
Your post made my chuckle. We sold near 80 muesli bars every day, way before they were wrapped in cellophane, because of the 'muesli' they had to be healthy. lol.

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