Pork mince, help needed please

conreb, Apr 4, 3:40am
Want to make pork patties, who has a good recipe please. I make steak mince most of the time, do I just in the same stuff? Was thinking maybe apple, onion, beef oxo, egg, breadcrumbs, sauces am I missing something or should I take something out. Thanks

seat1, Apr 4, 3:49am
I just add Garlic capsicum five spice or fennel salt and pepper you don't need an egg or flour as pork binds together with out these added fry in olive and sesame oil .

smallwoods, Apr 4, 5:34am
Take out the OXO.
It's pork mince, enjoy the taste of pork, (actually better for you than beef anyway)

All I put in with my mince(any) is diced vegies, maybe a little spice, a little herbs, eggs and bread crumbs I use because of the vegies.

karenz, Apr 4, 5:35am
I make pork meatballs with onion, garlic, finely chopped mushrooms, and whatever herbs I have on hand and feel like adding, thyme is good, so is sage. As already said you don't need egg to bind and personally I think breadcrumbs ruins meatballs and patties (unless you are using it to pad them out and go further to feed more people)

sarahb5, Apr 4, 6:28am
Sage goes well with pork

awoftam, Apr 4, 8:31am
Chilli sauce

bebe24, Apr 5, 2:52am
Google Alison Lennard from the Breeze radio station,She makes Pork Patties on a utube clip. They are very nice and easy. Worth a look.

shall, Apr 5, 3:24am
Pork will bind with itself, you wont need an egg. just put what ever flavours in would be good

kay141, Apr 5, 3:32am
I find a Swedish meatball recipe works very well with pork.

countryart, Nov 2, 8:02am
You cannot beat Pork and Apple. Meatballs, sausages, pies. If you do not want savoury it is a great alternative. Personally I like the apple finely chopped so you have some texture.

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