Pineapple and Ginger Ice Cream

lcscott, May 5, 4:21am
Does anyone have a recipe for the above. I have seen it in the December 2002 House and Garden Magunfortunately wasnt able to get a copy of this recipe. I would be grateful if any one has a copy. Many thanks for your time and effort

barloo, May 5, 8:37am

I would try this one and add some ginger to it, crystallized ginger that is!

barloo, Apr 2, 12:10pm
Pineapple Ice cream

1 can pineapple pieces or 1/2 a fresh pineapple. .

1&1/2 C cream. . 2-3 T lemon jce. .

60 gm sugar.

Combine & Blend well. .

Freeze until almost firm. .

beat and freeze again as quickly as possible.

Enjoy :0)posted by bev00

add your crystallized ginger to this one also:)