Magic Cake

sandra25, Jan 3, 5:30am This is a NZ recipe. I have made it & the mixture was so curdled I was going to throw it down the sink & not bother baking it - but decided to bake it and see what happened. It was magic because it turned out a really nice cake!
A chocolate version that may be worth trying -

summersunnz, Jan 3, 9:56am
Thanks for posting sandra - looks delish!

addington261, Dec 30, 10:51pm
Found this recipe and it looks great . Has anyone made it? It is an American recipe, would prefer a NZ recipe if possible.http://www.kitchennos-

letitia, Dec 30, 10:59pm
This might work better.

It does look interesting. I don't know of an NZ recipe but there doesn't seem to be anything unusual in the ingredients and method, so probably worth a try.

addington261, Dec 30, 11:01pm
Thanks Letitia I might just make it later.

beejayem_nz, Dec 31, 1:04am
yeah I have made it, was a huge hit in my house

samanya, Dec 31, 5:08am
I thought I might give it a try & was wondering if I could incorporate lemon juice?
I'm nearly sure it would still work. (I think)

lisa7, Dec 31, 7:54am
I have made it. I thought it tasted too eggy

jia5, May 21, 1:04am
I made it and neither of us really liked it.

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