Chocolate caramel slice

marie29, Sep 30, 10:57pm
Has anyone got the recipe for the version of choc caramel slice where the base is half choc shortbread, then caramel, then another good layer of shortbread mixture pressed on top. It has chocolate base and top. It has no icing I seem to have lost this yummy recipe, used to make it a lot. Thank you!

245sam, Sep 30, 11:23pm
marie29, I don't think that the following recipe from the former Trade Me Cooks is exactly what you're wanting but maybe it's a good alternative, or perhaps you could adapt it to be as you describe.

"Chocolate Caramel Slice
Choc Base; 6oz butter, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2tsp vanilla, 1&1/2 cup flour and 1TBSP cocoa. Cream butter & sugar add vanilla and sifted dry ings. Press half in tin & freeze other half. FILLING; 2oz butter, 2TBSP golden syrup 1/2 tin condensed milk Melt in microwave til butter melted stir till creamy Pour on base Grate other half on top. 180 degrees for bout 30 minutes. Double filling for thicker caramel
posted by raisan7"

Hope that helps. :-))

nzpcltd, Oct 1, 12:43am
Try this maybe: 2 cups flour, 1/4 c icing sugar 4 T cocoa 250g butter. Add melted butter to dry ingredients. press approx 2/3rds into a sponge roll tin. Pour over a can of caramel condensed milk and crumble remaining mix over the top. Press lightly. Bake 180 approx 20-25 mins. caramel can be replaced with jam instead

rainrain1, Oct 1, 1:45am
I have this one

Caramel Square.
4oz butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
1+1/2 cups flour
1 tsp BP
2 Tablsp custard powder
Roll out half and put into sponge roll tin.
3oz butter
1/2 tin cond milk
3ozs sugar
2 Tblsp syrup
Boil for a bout 5 minutes.
Spread over base and sprinkle with sultanas.
Place other half on top, which isn't always easy to do with out breaking.
I always roll to fit top, then cut into quarters, it's easier to pick up the quarters. Top can be crumbled on if you prefer

Just realised there's no cocoa. oh well . some could be added in place of the custard powder

rainrain1, Sep 24, 5:14pm
Better still. re the above recipe, if you cut a piece of baking paper the same size as your tin, and roll the bottom dough out to fit, then flip it over into your tin, carefully remove the paper. Repeat for the top

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