Arrgh! No butter! What to top ginger crunch base

Ginger crunch in the oven so start to get icing ready only no sugar. What to do? All clever and especially easy ideas appreciated otherwise it's going to be pretty boring ginger crunch bae for my colleagues in the morning!

Chef_brummoi, Feb 23, 8:48 am

I've got some of that spreadable butter that has water added. Can that be used instead of actual butter? I may be about to find out as the base will be done soon

Chef_brummoi, Feb 23, 8:51 am

Melted chocolate if you have either block chocolate or chocolate buttons.

Chef_maximus44, Feb 23, 8:52 am

Thanks maximus. Excellent idea and I really wish I had some.

Chef_brummoi, Feb 23, 9:06 am

Yes you can, just needs more icing sugar to set.

Chef_lilyfield, Feb 23, 9:20 am

Yes use that, but you may not need to use as much.

Chef_aj.2., Feb 23, 9:20 am

Thanks folks. It's setting, looking and tasting ok!

Chef_brummoi, Feb 3, 4:07 pm