Fudge recpies just made this

sunnyflower, Nov 16, 1:25am
Oreo White chocolate fudge

400g packet of White Chocolate melts
200g Sweetened Condensed Milk
100g Butter
10-15 Oreo cookies

melt choc and cond milk on low heat with the butter break up biscuits put into wet ingredients stir well place in tin lined with baking paper set in the fridge yummm and this one

double choc fudge

1 cup melted Dark Chocolate or melts
1 cup melted White Chocolate
2 cups peanut butter

same method melt the choc and peanut butter on low heat then melt white choc seperately mix the white choc into the dark to make a marble effect set in the tin and put in fridge yummo so easy.

samanya, Nov 16, 5:32am
Those recipes could come in very handy coming up to the busy/hectic season.
Oreo cookies, are they readily available in the supermarket . can you tell I don't buy biscuits ;o)

wildflower, Jun 24, 7:10pm
I do cookies and cream chocolate just by melting Whittaker's white chocolate then adding in Oreos then leaving to set. Couldn't be simpler and tastes divine without needing any other ingredients.

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