Hot cross buns with saffron

sarahb5, Mar 18, 6:09am
Growing up in the UK hot cross buns were yellow and spiced with saffron - would love to try to recreate them here instead if the brown bland ones at bakeries here

lilyfield, Mar 18, 7:21am
if you do not want them bland- make your own thousands of recipes on line
with or without saffron

sarahb5, Mar 18, 8:06am
I do make my own, they definitely weren't bland, and I have looked online but would prefer a recipe that has already been tried by someone on here - saffron is too expensive to waste

lilyfield, Mar 18, 8:14am
what about using the poor mens saffron-- turmeric.
or even just yellow colouring

sarahb5, Mar 18, 8:26am
Not the same at all - I can only imagine what adding yellow food colouring would look like added to standard "brown" hot cross bun dough - would be kind of khaki coloured I should think and not very appetising

davidt4, Dec 16, 1:11am
Better to add nothing than use tumeric or colouring. Saffron has a unique flavour and colour and should not be substituted.

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