Peaanut brownie biscuits

greenforde, Mar 24, 1:35am
Have not made these for years. What is the easiest recipe please.

just4jess, Mar 24, 2:06am

slimgym, Mar 24, 4:44pm
I second that

sooseque, Mar 24, 8:33pm
Lightly roast blanched peanuts first for better flavour

gayle6, Mar 25, 1:17am
Edmonds is our favourite and I use NZ Extra Virgin Olive Oil instead of the butter - use 75% of volume when substituting EVOO for butter in baking. Better for you and tastes delicious.

bisloy, Mar 25, 8:24am
I always use ready salted peanuts, they're just nicer

gilligee, Mar 25, 8:34am
I always do this too.
Makes me want to cook and eat some.
I also chop them up and they go further.

greenforde, Mar 25, 11:12pm
Thanks guys so far.

I have a very old Edmonds book in ounces. Have tried the conversion on the computer but still a bit baffled.Like 3 oz butter converts to 35.27?

mooshiesmum, Nov 26, 11:50pm

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