Converting a recipe

may321, Jan 19, 7:35am
Hi there. I am wanting to convert some of my recipes which are for like 4 - 6 people into a recipe for 100 people. is this possible. I have used recipe converters i found online but they seem to convert way too much when i put in 100 people. Hope you know what i mean. Has anyone done this.

terraalba, Jan 19, 7:52am
There are several recipe books for things like guides and scouts and a few other organisations that are very useful in quantification of smaller recipes and also recipes specific to large numbers. I've bought several on TM and some of the recipe books are often sold by people who have them surplus. Most of mine are in boxes yet unpacked from earthquake repairs but I will search the ones that I have unpacked to see if there are any items of use to you in them.

may321, Jan 19, 7:54am
thanks terraalba

duckmoon, Jan 22, 8:30am
I have a book called "Ministry to the Interior" it was published by Scripture Union for their Christian Youth Camps, but is really helpful.

Some of their recipes are a bit old-fashioned (published in the 1980s).
But it means I can look and say "this recipe for 50 people has Xkg of pork (or beef or chicken or potatoes) and therefore I know how to scale up the recipe I want to use.

It is also really helpful because it lists how much 5/10/20/30/40/50 people will eat for bread, salad ingredients, spreads etc

waswoods, Apr 29, 7:05pm
If the recipe is for 4 people, multiply all ingredients by 25 to serve 100.
If the recipe is for 6 people, multiply everything by 100 and divide by 6 (or just multiply by 16.67 which closer to 20 for practical use). So just multiply all ingredients by 20 to serve 100

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