I have never watched Masterchef...BUT

browndog2, Apr 22, 1:41am
i happended to see a bit of it last night and wondered if anyone could tell me how that girl did her beef . . seemed to be done with onions tomatos water? ?

jimbob37, Apr 22, 1:55am
The recipe will be on the TVNZ masterchef website. All the recipes from the shows have been on there.

browndog2, Apr 22, 2:00am
I can't find it. . but thanks jimbo. If anyone can find it could you do a link... or even just tell me what was in it. .

beebs, Apr 22, 2:14am
it doesnt appear to be up there yet, but i know tvnz have had huge computer problems this morning so maybe they are still to load more? http://tvnz.co.nz/masterchefnz-recipes/3339014is the basic link, it was done on the stove top with stock, tomatoes onions etc, im sure they will put it up

cap, Apr 22, 2:14am
I can't see it on the website either. Basically though she just poached it - and not too successfully!

browndog2, Apr 22, 2:20am
lol cap... bugger!

245sam, Apr 22, 2:38am
IMO not ALL the Masterchef recipes are actually available after each screening - I believe that the recipes as prepared by the Masterchef contestant(s) who leave the Masterchef kitchen each night are not included amongst those on TVNZ's website but through the website it is possible to view the episodes again so maybe browndog2, you'd like to view last night's episode (# 12) again. Here's the link:-


jimbob37, Apr 22, 3:12am
You may be right... not all recipes, just the winning ones. Sorry.

browndog2, Apr 22, 5:57am
right, just to let you know. . I have just cooked a piece of beef in a large pot of water, with onions, and let it simmer for 4 hours... omg its fab! just falls apart...

rainrain1, Apr 22, 5:59am
Just gotta try that winning dessert ! ! !

waswoods, Apr 22, 6:05am
Does anyone have a spoiler for the winner? Or is that still a big secret?

daisyk, Apr 22, 8:21pm
I don't know who the winner is, but right from the first episode I decided it was going to be either Brett, or the other guy (people have described him as the moody looking one and I've forgotten his name, just now). So I'm hanging in there for Brett! ! ! go for it Brett

waswoods, Apr 22, 10:03pm
I like Kelly but I also liked Steve and I'm sorry he's gone

seniorbones, Feb 25, 11:07am
I heard the girl is helping our in one of the judges restaurants! ! cant remember his name its the little dumpy one.