Fudge made in advance?

accroul, Nov 3, 1:34am
How far in advance should I be able to make fudge! - this being if no-one eats it in the meantime!

bridget107, Nov 3, 9:24am
Because of the sugar content, fudge lasts ages in the fridge or freezer. If it wasn't going to be eaten straight away, I would freeze.

bluecalico, Nov 3, 8:25pm
Nothing worse than old fudge.you can tell as soon as you open the packet and see it. Especially if for a pressie, needs to be fresh as, total waste of time and ingredients otherwise.

disco_super_fly, Nov 3, 11:59pm
I think it tastes better after a week or so

duckmoon, Nov 4, 4:40am
a week works well.
One year I made 70 batches of fudge for the school fair. and started six days out. the first batches were fine

accroul, Nov 5, 12:03am
70 batches! WOW! I'm not planning on anywhere near that amount!

duckmoon, Nov 5, 3:13am
I only did twenty four (10 fudge, six hokey pokey and six toffee apples) this year - and felt like i had cheated.

My theory, once the kitchen is a mess, making another batch doesn't take that much more work.
Also, i have top pots on the stove at the same time, so in the time I can make two batches, I have actually made four.

Still not brave enough to put a double batch in the pot through

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