Could I use maple syrup as a sub for golden syrup?

vampiriousmist, Oct 28, 11:59pm
Looking in my cupboards and I have maple, not golden , or the consistency is different so would change the recipe dramatically !

Cheers in advance

wheelz, Oct 29, 12:21am
They are not the same, in taste or consistency. Brown sugar or off to the store or do another day, if it was me.

carlos57, Oct 29, 12:32am
It depends on the quantity. One time when I was making coconut rough I used maple syrup instead of golden syrup, and it was fine, but it was only one Tbspn in the base. It would be a different story if it was a large amount.

denbru, Oct 29, 1:31am
It will be fine to use I have made hokey pokey biscuits with the maple syrup as I had no golden syrup, it was a success I am still using it, as I am cleaning out the pantry of old stock!

carlosjackal, Oct 29, 3:35am
Treacle would be a better substitute:!v=LK5hWNHefSA

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