Bittersweet chocolate ?

vampiriousmist, May 22, 12:11am
I ave a recipe for a cookies and cream cake I would like to make this week, but it calls for4 ounces of bittersweet chocolate. My delimma here is what is bittersweet ! I usually use whittakers for my baking, so which of theirs would be bittersweet ! I am guessing it is in thecocoa content of the chocolate.
If anyone wants the recipe let me know and I will post it :)

jordyalex, May 22, 12:14am
im pretty sure its 70 % choc , you can get it int he cadbury range on special for 2.50, May 22, 12:31am
I agree, I think it is the higher cacao content they mean in American recipes. Butmaybe it is what choc works for you!Personally I always use the Whittakers 72% for baking and generally cheaper and better quality than the ones in the baking aisles that are promoted for baking.

vampiriousmist, May 22, 12:39am
Cheers Guys , I will go look for 70 percent chocolate :) I am constantly on googledoingconversions onrecipes fromounces to grams :P

elsielaurie1, May 22, 1:31am
There's a 74% choc as well. Sold in about $3.95 a block.very bitter.

kinna54, May 22, 1:36am
I have used the lindt excellence dark one.70% cocoa product.was on special last week at is really a black and white packet. Homebrand is also okay., May 22, 2:33am
An ounce is approx 25g (actual 28.3g)
A pound is approx 450g (actual 453g)

And then of course you have recipes that use 'cups' which is altogther easier I think.
As an alternative to scales I think a Tala measure is also good. I've got a couple I got from opshops. You can buy them new from kitchen shops but quite pricey.

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