Baking without sugar - using maltexo

dibble35, May 10, 5:37pm
Any one know how to adapt a recipe to using maltexo in place of sugar, I guess it would be similar to using honey instead of sugar (same consistincey) I must add extra dry ingrediants but just the flour! or bit more of all dry ingrediants! Thanks. I'm trying being sugar free for awhile, well fructose free and am allowed glucose, dextrose etc.

cookessentials, May 10, 7:17pm
I hate to be the beer of bad news, but Maltexo is full of sugar too.fructose and a few others Here are some recipes though

lilyfield, May 10, 8:12pm
maltexo is also sugar, if you want to reduce carbs better train yourself to do without the evil sweet

elliehen, May 10, 9:18pm
Have to agree with the above.All you'd end up with is a more expensive bit of baking .

elliehen, May 10, 9:20pm
dibble, if you're intent on baking with less sugar why not experiment with your most-used recipes and progressively reduce the quantity!I have a banana cake recipe which calls for 1 cup of sugar but I make it successfully with one quarter cup.

cookessentials, May 10, 10:43pm
I see there is a recipe on there for cinnamon oysters and I am sure someone was asking for those.

prawn_whiskas, May 10, 10:47pm
You can normally cut the sugar by half in most recipes without it affecting the chemistry of the recipe. Most recipes are well over sugared now days anyway to appeal to the sweet tooth of today.

But in the end as above, maltexo is just sugar by proxy (with lots of B Vitamins but heat destroys those so you are left with expensive sugar)

dibble35, May 13, 4:14am
Its a sugar but not sucrose/fructose which i've cut out. if you really want to know heres what the lady at Maltexo emailed me." Maltexo is 79% carbohydrate and about 20% water.

Of the 79% of carbohydrate 1% is fructose( probably just error in the analysis),5% glucose and 31% maltose. The remaining 42% IS COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES LIKE maltodextrins."

its low enough in fructose/sucrose to be OK in small amounts, 100gms or less a day. But saying that i've decided I dont like the way it affects me. headaches, makes me feel hungrier and craving other sweet things so i'm going to only have it very occasionly. I'm not going carb free. just sugar/sucrose free. I've tried using Glucose in baking and it was OK. not nearly as sweet as sugar of course but over time i'm expecting my taste buds to adjust and enjoy this baking a bit more. Im still having bread - home made and sugar free, potatoes, weetbix, porridge, occasional fruit etc

bedazzledjewels, May 13, 4:39am
What about trying dextrose!

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