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carriebradshaw, Feb 23, 5:39am
I recently got this book given to me as a gift to go with the kitchenaid mixer that DH bought me for my birthday.
It's now my favourite baking book.So far,all the things I've made from it have turned out beautifully.
Does anyone else have this book and love it as much as me!

holly-rocks, Feb 23, 5:42am
I dont have it but would buy it simply because the name is so cute :D

weezil, Feb 23, 8:36am
dont the pictures look lushious.will be making some cupcakes soon as a start.

cookessentials, Feb 23, 8:39am
It's a fabulous book. They also do a smaller muffins and cupcakes one as well.

lindaquinn, Feb 23, 8:40am
If someone gives me a kichenaid and the book I'm sure I'd love it as much as you. waits . tap tap .LOL

bev00, Feb 23, 8:49am
My daughter has this lovely book.I've made the peanut butter biscuits and the banana loaf.Both recipes were absolutely fab.

carriebradshaw, Feb 23, 11:29pm
So far I've made the vanilla cupcakes,chocolate cupcakes and choc chip biscuits and they have all been devine.

chicco2, Feb 24, 12:31am
Great book. The raisin oat cookies are a favourite in my house. The true American brownie, also.

idgit1969, Feb 24, 12:33am
I absolutely love this book! I have both of their cookbooks. Their cupcake recipes are the best! I love the Red Velvet cupcakes and the lemon ones too. I haven't found another cupcake recipe that can match The Hummingbird Bakery ones! Just devine!

bridget107, Feb 24, 12:57am
Sorry to be cheeky but are you able to post the recipe for the Red Velvet Cupcakes on this thread! Thanking you in advance :-)

westigal, Feb 24, 5:42am
Why why why ,did I look this up.
Yum yum yum, going to be a baking weekend I think

westigal, Feb 24, 5:47am
We are on the same wave length bridget107, here you go

bridget107, Feb 24, 8:24am
Thanks so much!

seniorbones, Feb 24, 9:26am

marcs, Feb 24, 12:45pm
I have and do most of my baking from it. The cupcakes are devine and keep moist for about a week. Also made the hummingbird cake today, yummy. I have two their books. The red velvet cupcakes are devine as well which I have made into a cake. I keep eyeing up the blood orange cheesecake and chocolate, caramel and hazelnut cheesecake. The list goes on. One of my best purchases yet and I love the book.

carriebradshaw, Feb 24, 7:42pm
Certainly looks like I'm not the only fan of the book!
marcs-The cupcakes have never lasted more than a day or two in this house so am yet to see how long they keep for lol!They are definately the best cupcakes I've ever made.
Have just ordered a copy of the book for a friends birthday.Hope she enjoys it as much as me.

falcon-hell, Feb 24, 7:51pm
i have it on my watchlist,just waiting for payday to roll around now.

urasxcqt, Feb 24, 8:18pm
I got the book for my Mum for her birthday, super cheap here in the UK think I paid £10 for it, she totally loves it, must be her best cook book.The Hummingbird Cafe is ammmmmazing, and a must on a to do list if your ever in London

rrrg, Feb 25, 2:57am
Yep I have both books too - brilliant

marcs, Feb 25, 8:31pm
I have the cake days book and the hummingbird bakery book. The cake days have variety of cup cakes, whoopie pies, pies, cheesecake and cakes. I can't stop raving about it to others as well.

kiwitel, May 5, 7:12pm
Just ordered this off book depository- NZ $24.04 including the 10% discount which you get at checkout) and includes postage. Your comments made me want to buy the book. Bought The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook which is the book first published by them. Cannot wait for it to arrive!

chicco2, May 6, 4:21am
Good on you kiwitel. You wont regret it. It is well written, contains fabulous photos and is just fantastic.

puresteam, May 23, 2:11am
Just wondering if you received your hummingbird cook book as I oredered one the day before you and not recieved it as yet.

kiwitel, May 23, 2:14am
No I am still waiting unfortunately. It says it has been sent when I check my order . hoping this week though.

tats63, May 23, 2:23am
I see you can buy this on for $28.00.Has anyone used fishpond and can recommend!Thanks.

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