Chocolate Melts Brownie

monofoil, May 5, 4:58am
hi, does anyone have this recipe! I tried some at work the other day, have looked on google but can't find one that looks like what I tried! Was told it was really simple (always a good start!)

juliewn, May 5, 10:16am
Hi. if you type chocolate brownie into the left-of-screen messageboard search, then change 'last 24 hours' to 'last year' by clicking on the little blue down arrow, then click search, some threads will come up. Tried doing it and posting the link for you. found the link doesn't then work.

Hope this is of help.

marcs, May 6, 5:10am
I use nigella lawsons recipe. I makes a large one one. I use a 34 x 23 cm tin.

375g good quality dark choc
375g unsalted butter. (if using salted butter, leave the salt out)

Melt them together in a pot on slow heat. Then cool.

6 eggs
350g castor sugar
1 tbs vanilla extract
1 tsp salt

Beat together then add the choc mixture and combine till well mixed.

225g plain flour
250g white choc chips

Add flour and mix in then fold in choc chips.

Make sure your tin in lined then pour in. bake at 150c (reduce by 10 deg if fan forced) and bake for an hour. when cooked mixture should still be gooey but not wobble in the middle when you shake the tin.

vampiriousmist, May 7, 5:31am
Ohh that recipe sounds devine Marcs ! May have to put it on my baking list for the week

monofoil, May 8, 8:04pm
that sounds yum!

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