Mayonnaise too lemony.

lindar, Apr 16, 2:53am
First time I have made it. Was a recipe that had canola and sunflower oils. I had no sunflower oil so used some olive oils, one lemon infused. That with the lemon juice has made it too lemony. Any ideas on how to fix it. I have also put herbs.Thanks

beaker59, Apr 16, 3:32am
just make another one without the lemon juice and lemon infused oil and mix them together :)

If that leaves you with too much then gift it to a neighbour or friend.

dezzie, Apr 16, 3:52am
Or keep your first one and use it on fish like tartare sauce.

lindar, Apr 16, 4:06am
Good thinking, thanks

donnabeth, Apr 16, 10:59am
I have yet to make a mayonnaise that doesn't taste oily. No matter what oil I use I can taste it.
I want a nice rich bland one like the Bestfoods dark blue, any suggestions!

glenngt, Apr 16, 4:13pm
1 cup Rice bran oil 1 egg yolkand a little lemon juice, vinegar and sugar 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of each.