Melting chocolate

nzbrat, Apr 21, 11:21pm
I dont seem to have much luck with melting white chocolate for some reason. I have tried it in the microwave and over boiling water but for some reason it goes sticky and sugary.what else can I do!

chicco2, Apr 22, 1:53am
My guess is that you are over heating it. Place buttons in pyrex jug. Microwave for 30 secs. remove and stir. repeat until choc is soft but not liquid. Stir really well. Return to Microwave for 20 second burst if needed. When its really soft, just stir till all evenly melted.

pocketmouse, Apr 22, 1:59am
I always reduce my heat in the Microwave from High to 60% & I zap in 2min spurts, stirring in between.

245sam, Apr 22, 2:22am
nzbrat, I do not use the microwave for melting chocolate but instead prefer to use a bowl (for the chocolate) over a saucepan of water - but it is important to remember that when melting chocolate over water, the water should not be boiling or simmering - it should be boiled and the saucepan removed from the heat source, then the bowl of chocolate placed over the top, ensuring that the base of the bowl does not touch the water.If the water cools before the chocolate has fully melted, remove the bowl from over the water, heat the water then repeat the process, but only just until the chocolate has softened, remembering that the chocolate can retain its original shape whilst actually being molten - I agree with chicco2 that you are most likely overheating the chocolate for it to go "sticky and sugary".

Hope that helps.:-))

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