whats the nicest way to cook brussel sprouts

kabbo, Apr 5, 4:24am
hubby bought some the other day. i dont think i like them, but willing to give them a try. i have had them once in a chinese stir fry (from the shop) and they were not too bad, the next time i had them they tasted gross.
so do you just boil them, fry them in butter, or what. cheers.

margyr, Apr 5, 4:45am
i love them, just peel off the outer damaged leaves and cut a small X in the stem, boil till tender, drain put some butter and pepper in the pot and toss them about. also here is a link for other ways of cooking them, www.mahalo.com/how-to-cook-brussel-sprouts

fogs, Apr 5, 5:03am
There isn't a nice way. I love every other vegetable although am not too kean on broad beans but I draw the line at sprouts YUK

mvr, Apr 5, 5:08am
take off outer damaged leaved, cut in half or quarters, stir fry with one or two finely chopped up rashers of bacon unti the brussel sprout are semi soft - they should still have a wee bit of crunch too them:)

rainrain1, Apr 5, 6:04am
They are nice sliced up and added to a cheesy potato bake

darlingmole, Apr 5, 6:16am
they have a sour kind of taste - serve with sour cream and grated cheese ... or give it a big miss! Not my fav vege that's for sure

farrar30, Apr 5, 6:44am
Add them in your mashed potatoes, my kids hate sprouts but they love mash with sprouts in it? ? ? Or alternately take outer leaves off, cut a cross into the under side and put in a pot with just enough water to cover the bottom of the pot, a generous knob of butter half a teaspoon of sugar and salt and pepper to season. Let the sprouts cook in the steam of the water and when that evaporated the butter and sugar ingreds kinda caramelise and the sprouts will have good flavour.

kabbo, Apr 5, 7:06am
yum... ... all those ideas sound really nice.
well - had them just now with dinner. and, they were quite nice. i just boiled them, and after draining them added butter and pepper. so i might just have them again. that cheesey bake idea sounds nice, and also with sour cream. i'm thinking cream cheese... . that would be nice.

martine5, Apr 5, 7:23am
OOOOOOOOOOOOhI just love them with cheese sauce. They are naturally a little bitter but that just cuts into the richness of the cheese sauce and makes them more desirable. I could eat dozens of the little buggers this way... ... ... ... . and do! !

jag5, Apr 5, 7:42am
Brussel Sprouts have a slight bitterness to them. I put a deep cross in the stalk (helps the heat to get to middle so they cook evenly and quickly) boil with a little salt and SUGAR. This take out the bitterness. I adore brussel sprouts. One of my very favourite vegies, but the sugar makes a huge difference to the taste of them. Give it a try

1buzemum, Apr 5, 9:18am
Do yourself a favor and put them in the bin lol if you feed them to your chooks they will probably choke lol

elliehen, Apr 5, 9:23am
And add a little wasabi paste to the mash, for the grownups:)

poppy62, Apr 6, 6:23am
They are actually nice in a chicken casserole with dried apricots thrown in the mix to add some sweetness! To simply boil them is yuck! If you dont like the casserole idea, just slice them thinly and put into a stir fry.

valentino, Apr 6, 7:18am
A well know Chef ( I think based in Auckland or is from Auckland ) noted not so long ago that to cook Brussel Sprouts is to boil the guts out of them... . it is the only way he does them apparently by his opinion.

margyr, Apr 6, 7:40am
pleased to read you enjoyed them kabbo.

fisher, Apr 6, 12:15pm
I pick out all the small ones and enough for one meal at the supermarket. . peel damaged leaves and just trim stalks. . Steam them over your spuds while they boil... being smaller they will cook nicely inthe time it takes to cook your spuds. . give them a gently shake to turn over, half way through. . remove steamer and place in sink. . drain spud water over them and through steamer... serve... knob of butter and a grind of black pepper. .

purplegoanna, Apr 6, 8:37pm
i cook then halve then top with either grated cheese or cheese sauce and grill quickly... . . mmm theyre yummy

dilligaf_dah, Apr 6, 9:29pm
boil as above and then drain and in a seperate pot fr some diced bacon (in bacon fat if you can get some) ir cook/fr slowly to allow juices from the bacon to draw out. when slightly crisp tip the lot over the drained bsmix together. yummy.

nanberrie, Apr 6, 9:30pm
There is no nice way, these have to be the worst vege out there ! ! , sorry that doesnt help at all :(

elliehen, Jan 7, 7:42am
poppy62 mentions chicken and I have heard people say cooking them in chicken stock makes them palatable. Look away if you suspect you might find the next words offensive...

... even chicken stock from a PACKET!

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