recipes for cooked pork

firob, Apr 4, 1:43am
Does anyone have any exciting things to do with cold roast pork we have a large amount of beautiful moist roast pork left over not sure what to do with it. ideas please

hoblets, Apr 4, 2:04am
Frittata, Quiche, Sammys with rocket and tomato garlic Mayo, pan fried with eggs and salad.

poppy62, Apr 4, 5:00am
Fritter - My mum turned any leftover meat into fritters!

fiona174, Apr 4, 5:29am
Sweet & Sour pork; fried rice;chow mein;

greenforde, Apr 4, 5:31am
Hope it is organic - if not what do you do with it? put it in the bin.

3_cent_coin, Dec 31, 6:07am
i would get pita bread heat add sliced pork top with apple sauce and lettuce yum

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