male_timaru, Feb 3, 5:48am
Making one tonight

4 Sheets Short pastry (why - because i prefer it)
6 Large Bananas
1 Ltr home-made thick Custard (NO SUGAR)
250gms Blueberries
1½ scoops Banana Protein Powder

A Plenty Protein Packed, Yummy Flavour and Amazing Desert for everyone to enjoy without the guilt !

Pic to come when it is cooked and done

fisher, Feb 3, 11:25am
looks like its going mouldy in the middle already :}

male_timaru, Feb 3, 12:56pm
think you need glasses - that's pastry hahhaahaha and the dark bit is a blueberry trying to break free through the custard layer

griffo4, Feb 3, 8:02pm
Can you please provide the method of making it and the temp you cooked it at
Looks interesting

male_timaru, Feb 3, 8:58pm
Eeeek - i messed up - ah well - didn't heat up the custard first - was testing to se if you can put custard in there and see if it thickens whilst baking - ANSWER = NOPE ! lol

Back to drawing board - 2 pies to eat that are unsatisfactory but oh well (still tastes ok but not effect i wanted)

davidt4, Feb 3, 9:05pm
How did you make the custard M_T !Maybe we can help.

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