Caramel Slice

bridget107, Jan 29, 5:31am
Has anyone used normal chocolate icing (cocoa+icing sugar+water) instead of the normal melted chocolate when making caramel slice! Does it work okay!

lodgelocum, Jan 29, 5:45am
Use cocoa, icing sugar and hot water all the time, (very rarely use melted chocolate unless it is for a special occasion cake).It works as good as gold as a great icing of slices, biscuits.

grandma, Jan 29, 5:55am
Same here!

elliehen, Jan 29, 6:18am
Even better.unlike chocolate it doesn't break into slivers which fall into unseen places in the folds of your clothes or chairs and melt there ;)

lodgelocum, Jan 29, 7:13am
Meant to say I sometimesalso add 1 or 2 tablespoons of butter just for a slightly softer icing.

bridget107, Jan 29, 7:20am
Aw, thanks guys! Base and caramel in the oven as we speak!

bridget107, Jan 30, 8:36pm

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