risoni salad

evebee, Apr 2, 9:15pm
does any one have a nice recipe using risoni. i tasted one and it was lovely-it had red and green peppers in itand some sort of vinegarette as dressing. Would love to tryto make one.

angel34, Apr 2, 9:26pm
i have this one. .

roast for 20mins or so. . cubed pumpkin, chopped red and green peppers, onion , garlic, oregano and oil.

1 cup cooked rissoni
1 block feta, chopped


1/4 cup oil
2TB balsamic vinger
2tsp honey
1 tsp lemon pepper

have never made it but have this recipe wirtten in front of me to make sometime.

glendeb, Apr 2, 9:28pm
I have made angels recipe and its delicious! It was to be my suggestion or:

Boil risoni until cooked, drain, put in a nice bowl and add in chopped feta, chopped sundried tomatoes and chopped olives. Stir through with some italian dressing.

angel34, Apr 2, 9:32pm
so glendeb with the recipe I gave do you put the feta on last? I am assuming you dont add it to when other things are still hot.

glendeb, Dec 26, 10:19pm
Yes, sorry I do. I just checked my recipe and it suggests sprinkling over sunflower seeds too, which is really nice.

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