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munrotti, Mar 29, 9:29am
My daughter has this tree growing in her yard in auckland. Tree looks citrus, has thorns. Is fruiting now withfruit that look like small oranges but have a fuzzy skin like a pear. She doesn't remember what the flowers looked like. We cut one open and it has lots of pips in it and is very sour. Have tried googling it and closest I can get is maybe a kumquat.

cookessentials, Mar 29, 6:07pm
could be a kumquat. Is it slightly oval? as kumquats tend to be slightly oval. I would take one in to your local garden centre, they should be able to identify it.

uli, Mar 29, 8:48pm
Please post a photo of fruit and leaves of tree.
It could be anything really :)

From a guess it could be even be Dovyalis caffra or Dovyalis hebecarpa or anything along those lines.

What made you think it is a citrus?

munrotti, Mar 30, 3:33am
The leaves of the tree look citrus, and we cut one open and it has citrus type pips and flesh (Though lots of pips) Tasted it and it is very sour, more so than a lemon even. Can't get a photo of it now till I visit again .

buzzy110, Mar 30, 3:38am
My Trade Me - My photos - Upload Photo then follow the prompts.

munrotti, Mar 30, 3:43am
Thanks buzzy110

cookessentials, Mar 30, 4:58am
http://okeechobee. ifas. ufl. edu/images/45. _Nagami_Kumquat. jpg have a look at this munrotti and let us know if it looks like it.

cookessentials, Mar 30, 4:59am
or try this one which has various photos
http://images. hl=en&q=kumquat&um

cookessentials, Mar 30, 8:49am
check the photos munrotti - quicker than trying to figure out how to upload a photo yourself.

munrotti, Mar 30, 9:35am
Definitely not those oval ones and skin looks different. Not shiney- it'svelvetly, so probably nota kumquat. Will try and get there in the weekend and pick a few and take photos.

bin-boy-lin, Mar 30, 8:49pm
Sounds like a pomegranate, there is also a miniature type as well.

buzzy110, Mar 30, 9:57pm
It is entirely possible that your daughter has a quince tree. The immature fruit are sour and furry. They have a lot of pips. Also the tree has thorns. If you screwed up your nose and held your head at a funny angle you could almost mistake the leaves for those of a citrus.

uli, Mar 30, 10:27pm
Quinces are ripe now - so they would be huge - as NZ only has what we call the pear type of quinces.
And the leaves look like apple tree leaves - so not "citrusy" at all.

Pomegranate leaves are very small - also not "citrusy" LOL :)

I am quite intrigued now - as I used to have a nursery called "Unusal Edibles" many years ago when I was still fit and healthy. So I know pretty much every unusual fruit in the country LOL :)

So if you can upload a pic of the tree, leaves and fruit (flowers is not so important) - maybe even cut open fruit and photograph it - I can most likely tell you what it is.

Maybe your daughter can photograph and e-mail the pics - or upload them directly?

grannypam, Mar 30, 11:37pm
sounds exactly like a tree we have "inherited" . .

http://images. jp

and yes it has thorns. . ouch ! ! !

grannypam, Mar 30, 11:38pm
far from being ripe yet . . and the fruit is quite round as opposed to being slightly oval in shape.

bin-boy-lin, Mar 31, 12:22am
Most citrus raised from seed are very inferior. This is the reason the ones purchased through a garden centre have been grafted onto root stock, so the pic above is a seedling, they also have nasty long dangerous thorns. The fruit is also full of seeds.

uli, Mar 31, 12:30am
Well - I cannot see any "nasty long dangerous thorns" on the pic that GP has posted - can YOU?

And yes - it may be a seedling - but it may also be a sour orange - which was one of the root stocks that was used in NZ before trifoliata became the "in thing" to use here.

The "full of seeds" has nothing to do with that this(maybe) is a seedling. The "full of seeds" has to do with suitable pollination. So if anything suitable will flower at the same time and cross pollination occurs then you will have anything "full of seeds" - grafted or not LOL :)

I have some grapefruit which are "full of seeds" - something close to 30 or 50 seeds per fruit - only suitable for juicing - because I planted a suitable pollinator only 40 meters away ... . I am not worried because I have about 30 citrus trees and always get enough to satisfy my urge of the odd grapefruit spooned out - with proper grapefruit spoon of course LOL :)

grannypam, Mar 31, 12:52am
it has plenty of thorns but they are short . . lol

cookessentials, Mar 31, 1:54am
Well - I cannot see any "nasty long dangerous thorns" on the pic that GP has posted - can YOU? - Yep, i can. When you look at the photo, on the left lower leaf near the pip and closest to the stalk, you can see one of the thorns. it looks like a lemon on steroids to me LOL Perhaps your local garden centre can shed some light on it.

goldgurl, Mar 31, 2:55am
I can see the short THICK thorn too... can YOU see it now? LOL

bin-boy-lin, Mar 31, 4:06am
Yep I noted the said comment, but after weighing it up with similar comments from the same poster, I decided it must be a women's, problem. Better ignored. (rolls eyes)

grannypam, Mar 31, 4:08am
I will take another photo tomorrow . . will try and get a better one of the thorns for you. . lol

buzzy110, Mar 31, 4:22am
Man you guys must also be on steroids if you think a bit of new stem growth is a thorn. I'm sure uli will be only to happy to let you all identify gp's fruit. Whether it is the same as the fruit that #1 is trying to identify is still an open question at this point as #1 hasn't bothered to come back.

uli, is not a native English speaker and sometimes she phrases things in a way that may appear 'odd', however, I read her post and saw that she was trying, if anything to give more information about why there are lots of pips and to be helpful.

In fact, I got information from her post that I didn't know before reading it. I suppose you all knew that if an appropriate pollinator was growing nearby, then there will be more pips and seeds in nearby fruit than one could expect normally and it was only me who was so dense that I didn't know that.

buzzy110, Mar 31, 4:24am
Shame on you gp. You know for certain that that stem isn't a thorn but you chose to let the criticism stand uncorrected.

grannypam, Mar 31, 4:35am
I beg your pardon. . get off the grass ! !

I have been away from the computer a lot of the afternoon stripping wallpaper . .

there are blimming thorns on that tree and they arent very forgiving on my skin. . just ask my daughter who was here this morning and saw the blood streaming down my arm . .

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