dotty23, Dec 13, 1:16am
I've got to take a batch of russian fudge to school tomorrow.I've made it before no worries.This time it just WON'T SET!I re-boiled it 3 times now & beat the ***** black and blue, but still won't set normally.Each time I re-do it, it does get a bit more firm.Why is this!Can I get it to set properly if I boil it up AGAIN!!Was extremely humid here last night, even the baking chocolate wouldn't set which usually goes hard in amatter of minutes.Would this have anything to do with it!Any ideas very gratefully received!

sconz1, Dec 13, 2:21am
What sort of condensed milk did you use! You can't use lite.

dotty23, Dec 13, 2:46am
sconz1 wrote:
What sort of condensed milk did you use! You can't use lite.[/quote

No I didn't.I've been caught in that trap before as well!

garfeild101, Dec 13, 3:05am
well i made fudge the other nite with lite evap milk, add white choc buttons when the mixture is super hot and its melts within 30 seconds-will thickn up fast- and it sets within 2 hrs in the fridge-no fail =)

thejewellerybox, Dec 13, 3:06am
I would stir it over very low heat for about 15 minutes,then beat agian.If it still won't set, can you mix in icing sugar maybe some nuts and call it a truffle!

baalamb, Dec 13, 5:39am
Yep, if you have to resort to this, roll mixture into balls, and maybe sit patty cake papers so that if they 'sag', they dont run into one big blob!

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