GF chocolate fudge Slice

very_hotpants, Nov 30, 9:44am
My DD has to go GF as she has coeliac disease and I am just trying to come to grips with the home baking as i have a set of recipies and need to replace them with GF ones.
Anyway her treat is Chocolate fudge slice - is this just a matter of replacing the biscuts with GF (which are very expensive) and making sure the other ingrediants are GF!

aw217, Nov 30, 10:13am
you can but tea buiscuts from countdown that are yummy and GF, My 7year old (coeliac for 3 months) loves them . They would be nice in a fudge slice. Also try GF rice bubbles and make chocolate crackles, they dont taste any different. Meranges are yummy, and GF too.
try these with Healtheries Baking mix flour.yummy !
Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
500 gButter
1 cupSugar
6 TBSNCondensed Milk
Few Drops Vanilla- ( with no colour 150)
4 ½ CupFlour- GF
4 tspBaking Powder- edmonds
500 gEnergy Chocolate (roughly chopped into chunks)
• Beat the Butter and Sugar until creamy
• Beat in the Condensed Milk and Vanilla.
• Stir in Dry ingredients and Chocolate.
• Chill for about 20 minutes.
• Roll into balls and place onto cold greased trays, allowing room to flatten.
• Flatten with the palm of your hand.
• Bake 15 to 20 minutes at 170c.
• Cool, Makes about 70.

natalie9, Nov 30, 10:16am
I would go for a recipe that doesn't use the GF biscuits as you may as well just buy GF slice. Just googled and there seems to be alot, eg:

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