ryelands1, Nov 25, 4:16am
Desert recipe using marshmallows, cream, and boysenberries. in it!
Its a colddessert where the above ingredientsare all mixed together.
Anyone know it. Want to make it his weekend to take to a BBQ

rubyjane11, Nov 25, 4:25am

ryelands1, Nov 25, 4:26am
Yes thats it. Do you have the recipe please

245sam, Nov 25, 5:17am
ryelands1, try doing a search here on this TradeMe MB using Ambrosia as the Keyword and Last Year as the Date posted option - you'll find a number of earlier threads with too many recipe options and ideas for me to copy and paste here but here's a recipe that our family enjoys.

300ml cream
½ x 395g can sweetened condensed milk
1 x 440g can boysenberries, well drained
1 jumbo bag marshmallows, cut into pieces

Whip the cream and sweetened condensed milk together, then fold in the boysenberries and marshmallows.Refrigerate - is best made at least 1 day ahead but keep it covered and well chilled.:-))

ryelands1, Nov 25, 7:29am
Thanks muchly

lythande1, Nov 25, 7:38am
I think I'd call it Sick.

elliehen, Nov 25, 7:59am
I like to mix yoghurt and whipped cream with berries and marshmallows when I make it.You can also add some roughly broken meringues.

griffo4, Nov 25, 7:28pm
A friend of mine used to add grapes and call them sheeps eyes and you would be surprised how many people believed her.

elliehen, Nov 25, 10:07pm
That sounds like a cunning ploy to make sure that no one else gets a look in ;)

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