Mr 17 just made chocolate eclairs and

neville26, Nov 24, 3:12am
chocolate filled chocolate muffins! And of course I had to eat one of each!oh the double edged sword of having children who can bake!

elliehen, Nov 24, 3:30am
Just eat and be happy.A young man's ability to cook and bake always impresses the gals :)

neville26, Nov 24, 7:52am
thanks elliehen! yes I will be sending him off into the big wide world knowing how to cook at least!

deus701, Nov 24, 8:13am
very true!
*suavely runs fingers through hair*

elliehen, Nov 24, 8:21am
Have you been feeding that gal in your profile!

deus701, Nov 24, 8:24am
it wouldn't be gentlemanly of me if i refuse to satisfy a girl's needs would i!

elliehen, Nov 24, 8:30am
I guess with a name like 'deus' you need a goddess ;)

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