Caramel Sauce to put in the middle of muffins.

jjt4lma, Sep 21, 9:00pm
dose anyone have a recipe for a really good caramel sauce that doesnt need cream or buttermilk that will work really well in the centre of chocolate muffins!

lx4000, Sep 21, 9:49pm
caramelo bar (sp)

mattdylan, Sep 21, 11:17pm
The Highlander condensed milk caramel flavour is awesome insdie muffins!

cookessentials, Sep 21, 11:20pm
Just pop a Jersey caramel in the middle of each.

tam39, Sep 21, 11:28pm
A rolo does the trick.

cookessentials, Sep 21, 11:29pm
Sorry, posted that twice.

elliehen, Sep 22, 12:38am
This works for the muffin and one for the mouth ;)

rainrain1, Sep 22, 6:22am
A piece of Cadburys Perky Nana is good inside a little old muffin also :-)

griffo4, Sep 22, 6:23am
Drools and wanders off to get dinner on table,lol

turksta3, Sep 25, 6:40am
i use the caramel that you buy to use in homemade choc's

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